• The 14 Day Challenge starts on the 1st of June 2019.
  • Guided by Adam Dacey – founder of Mindspace and Meditation practitioner with 25 years experience.
  • Subscriptions for the new year are now open!
  • Take a look at the menu for each day –  then subscribe here and be guided step by step into a daily practice

14 Day Challenge March

  • Challenge yourself to Meditate every day for two weeks. 15 minutes each morning and develop the habit of a lifetime.
  • Kick-start your Meditation practice
  • Practice a 15-minute Meditation each day for 2 weeks and learn the art of Meditation.
  • The course will gradually introduce you to different types of Meditation such as Breathing Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization, Relaxation & Loving Kindness Meditation
  • There is no better gift that you can offer to yourself  and the world :)
  • The challenge will start on the first day of June 2019, 6.00 am GMT (subscriptions close for each monthly challenge on the second to last day of the month)
  • Subscription is simple – click here.
  • Share the news of this offer with your friends and family.
  • It’s the perfect way for beginners to learn to meditate over a series of 2 weeks & yes it’s completely free.
  • All you need is internet access and some headphones.
  • All of the Meditations on this course will be guided in English by experienced Meditation teacher Adam Dacey. Try one of his Meditations here.
  • Watch a live Introduction to this course here:
  • Watch feedback from those who have engaged in the 14 Day Meditation Programme.
  • Discover the beneficial effects of Meditation on your memory.